Home Renovation: What Is Tempera Paint And How Is It Removed

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The painting to the temple is an ancient type of dye to the water that was widely used as coating walls and ceilings because when it dried, stiffen, or shrank as it cooled, which also gave him the ability to fill small cracks and holes while providing a clean surface.

To obtain this kind of paint, plaster, chalk, or lime was used as a pigment, and as a binder, a special glue was used (usually glue obtained from the processing of rabbit skin), and it was presented in powder or the past, so it had to be mixed with water for application.

The paint hardening massively applied in buildings until the beginning of the twentieth century, when employment began to decline due to the emergence of commercial paints easier to produce, such as vinyl and acrylics.

However, this did not mean the total disappearance of this type of pigment, mainly thanks to the fact that it continues to be an economically accessible product, even though its general characteristics are notably inferior to modern paints.

The paint hardening is easily identified. It is soft to the touch and has a layer of powder that comes off just bypassing your hand over it.

Hot Water And Steam, Useful For Removing Tempera Paint

One of the most common methods to remove this type of coating is to scrub the surfaces with hot water. A steaming machine to remove the wallpaper can also be a good resource for removing that type of paint, although the best way to do this is to soften the material and scrape it off.

To achieve this, an effective technique is to cover the surface with glue or wallpaper adhesive until it can no longer absorb any more. The brush is passed over the paste for half an hour, and the last applied layer is allowed to remain wet for about ten minutes. A new coat is then added and allowed to act for another ten minutes, and then the material is removed with a normal paint scraper.

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In this way, it will be seen how the tempera paint comes out without difficulty since it has stuck to the paste that is scraped off.

One method of repainting or decorating the walls and ceilings without removing all tempera paint is applying a quality commercial sealer. It will be necessary to wash the entire surface with hot water to remove all of the dust and lose paint chips.