Renovate Your Home: Interior Paint Colors That Are Trending

House Painters Portland OR

The first months of the year are synonymous with renewal, change, and of course, this also happens in decoration, always the following fashion. Have you thought about giving your home a modern touch and you don’t know how? Today we propose … painting the walls! Keep reading!

Klein Blue and Oceanside Blue

Indicated especially for large rooms such as the living room, both shades of blue are perfectly combined with white furniture, which will bring light and soften the environment. Silver details, thus achieving a sophisticated and elegant result.

Tip: also, try adding small details in a dark wood; you will give your living room personality and warmth.


Painters Portland believes it is another of the interior colors of this 2020, and, as in the previous case, it evokes the sea. We suggest using it in a room, combined with whites and light wood tones. To finish giving it a personal touch, you can include in the decoration another of the must of the season: the cane. Mirrors, frames, or the head of the bed itself can be the details that make the difference.

Tip: If you prefer to paint the walls in lighter tones, use the most powerful in the details: cushions, decorative accessories, or furniture such as an armchair.

Purples and violets

Although a priori seems very daring, it can be the perfect choice for a more childish room or for a teenager, in which a more youthful air is sought, without being strident. One option is to combine the lighter tones with another of the colors of the year, peach, which will provide warmth and energy; If not, try painting a wall in dark purple and play with the more pastel range and with gray, in this way it will not be so saturated and you can always add notes of color with the decoration. Of course, the furniture make it white!

Tip: add some detail in green, such as plants or candles: it is a color that perfectly complements the purple.…