Why Carry Out A Comprehensive Reform In My Home?

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On many occasions, we dedicate ourselves to reforming and fixing what is spoiling in our home.

We are usually very afraid of this type of reform since they are large-scale and a large investment. However, carrying out a comprehensive reform of your home has many advantages, which makes it a great idea, especially for the summer.

For what reasons is it good to carry out a comprehensive reform of your home?

When you come to consider a comprehensive reform, it is because something in your home does not work well or does not meet your needs. There are several important reasons to carry out a comprehensive reform to your home; let’s see them.

New needs 

It is likely to be the most compelling reason. With time, the inhabitants of the house and their needs change. This can cause new things to be needed in the house that you don’t have, such as a room for future children, another bathroom, a bigger kitchen …

These types of modifications are changes that need to be carried out within a project of this style. Carrying out these changes will make the house gain in functionality and comfort for the inhabitants.

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Maintenance, rehabilitation, and security

Over the years, the materials with which a home is built wear out, making the rehabilitation of facades, walls, ceilings necessary … This type of renovation provides a facelift to the house. It ends with the lack of security produced by external agents such as humidity, heat leaks, peeling paint, possible pests, etc.


Surely you do not live in the house of your dreams and, besides, it may be an old house. Comprehensive reform will allow us to have the home you have always dreamed of and, also, in the latest fashion.

Better energy efficiency

In a Portland house, a series of monthly expenses accumulate, among which energy costs stand out. During this confinement, we have realized that if we use our house “at full speed,” our energy bills skyrocket.

Sometimes, the fact that your home spends a lot on monthly energy bills is due to insulation problems, the age of the electrical or air conditioning systems …

When we carry out a comprehensive reform, we can adapt all the changes to increase our home’s energy efficiency. When energy efficiency increases, there is a decrease in energy consumption and a reduction in bills.